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Hi, I’m Novimatrem, hobbyist Linux systems administrator, open-source software & web-developer, free-software fan, and fat acceptance advocate.
You are welcome to email me at TheNovimatrem@protonmail.ch
My real name is zoey - you're welcome to call me that if you wish to not say my 'gamer username'.

Novimatrem no longer exists as a public social figure, due to unstoppable constant harassment online.
I'll miss you all. Read more here:https://novimatrem.uk/nevercache/#post_1

This isn't goodbye, because, I've only been driven out of *public* spaces by this.
You will still be able to contact me privately over platforms that aren't social media. Like instant messaging.
I'm sorry it's had to come to this, but they're relentless, because my harassers believe such awful bigoted 
ableist transphobic things, and the software we all mostly use is non-equipped to protect its users.

See you when I see you, and stay safe,
- Novimatrem

(P.S. due to my absence from these platforms, I won't be there to moderate them, which means horrible 
replies and such may pile up, there, from these folks. I'm so sorry.)

Post 1lnk
It's incredibly hard being able to use the internet, when you're trans. Especially when it's the place where your only talents take hold. Everything I try to do is ruined by harassers. Social media, creating code and websites, doing anything creative, which is all I can really do. I'm really heavy, to the point where I can't really go outside, or stand for very long, and, they've ruined my ability for me to make myself a productive media creator, worker, anything- and with the depression they've brought on, I can't do YouTube or Twitch, either, I just sound so unwell. They've taken away basically everything from me. All I can physically do is use the computer, or something close, with my body, but they've taken that away. There's no alternatives, I'm out of options. If I wake up, and use the computer, I become immediately too upset to do much of anything, because of them. If I don't use the computer, well, that's all I can do, unless I stay in bed. They've essentially entirely made my life have no content or options, with nothing to do, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it, due to the state of the software we use being non-equipped to protect its users. There's no way out, and nothing I can do, but live a boring unfulfilling life, where I can do nothing for anybody else, because of one person who has it out for me because I'm trans. I'm really not able to do much of anything but persisting to stay alive. That's all. What kind of a life is that? The worst part is, nobody else knows what to do, either. There was one individual who seemed to have a good guidiance, and a way out. But, they abandoned me in my time of need, due to them not understanding what I was saying, once. yea.. i know by posting this it's admitting that they've won, but, they have. my life has no substance or meaning anymore, and my ambition, drive, desires, goals, and accomplishments all amount to nothing. i've already lost so much because of them, and cannot create or do more, reasonably.
Posted: 05/May/2023 @ 11:08 PM | Updated: 05/May/2023 @ 11:08 PM

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