šŸ’š Hi, I'm Novimatrem,

a trans, pan, polyam, cat-kin (otherkin) girl.
Welcome to my page!

Iā€™m a sleepy web dev, video-maker, & scripter from England. I put my heart and soul into
the things I do, & strive to create great stuff to the best of my ability in various media types.  

Git (Repos)
Git (Code Snippets/Notes)

My pronouns

500px (Photos/Images)
Itch (Game mods)
About me

ā–² More coming soon!


I'm an open-source advocate, and recommend and proritise the use of libre software, and also open non-proprietary services, such as using the fediverse.
My real name is zoey - you're welcome to call me that if you wish to not say my 'gamer username'.

Feel free to e-mail me with thoughts, feedback, anything at TheNovimatrem@protonmail.ch