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šŸ’š Novimatrem

Anime-style portrait of a catgirl. Her hair is straight and fluffy with a mousy brown color. Her cat ears are the same color as her hair and they have round hair tufts inside them. Her eyes are pale blue. Her skin is a light asian skin tone. She is looking at the viewer with a faint, friendly smile and slightly raised eyebrows.

šŸˆšŸ± - Hobbyist Linux systems administrator, open-source software & web-developer, FOSS advocate.
trans, pan, polyam, cat-kin (otherkin) girl.

Hi, Iā€™m Novimatrem, (she/her/hers, female),
Iā€™m a sleepy web developer and Linux tinkerer, living in the United Kingdom. I am a fan of technology, programming, computer hardware & software, and I spend a lot of my time writing code.

Web development is probably where my future is, that or a systems administrator for a network of machines. I love writing lots of HTML, CSS, and Bash, and am trying to learn Python.

I'm an open-source advocate, and recommend and proritise the use of libre software, and open non-proprietary services, such as using the fediverse,
    and yes, I really am a fat cat-girl.
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